Vendetta Inc. sweat jacket Feel black

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Vendetta Inc. Women Sweat Jacket

  • Model: Feel
  • Model No: VD-102
  • Color: black
  • Print: front and back
  • fabric composition: 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester

  • Size 

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Currently out of stock

The Vendetta Inc. sweat jacket Feel

Vendetta Inc. sweat jacket Feel is not only of very high quality, but also very stylish and offers an enormously high wearing comfort. This modern yet timeless garment can be easily combined with any outfit and is guaranteed to round it off perfectly. This sweat jacket consists of about 80 percent of the purest and best cotton and 20 percent of high-quality polyester. The product is available in all popular sizes and so the right model is guaranteed for every need. Thanks to the zipper on the front, this sweat jacket can be put on and taken off quite easily and quickly. A rather simple, but in any case not boring model.

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SKU: VD-102 black
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